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The Lazy Blogger - Rose Mary Boehm

I think, I write, I am a poet, I am a photographer, I am opinionated, I am political - and not always in this order. I read in five languages and sometimes dig up some interesting stuff.

Hitler - Ian Kershaw This will be a pivotal book for me. So far it keeps me enthralled. For so many years now I have put my German-ness into a big box and sat on it. Except for once (in my first book I relate the German story as seen from a child's POV) I never truly examined what happened in Nazi Germany. I felt like a kid who'd rather avoid the place where the ghosts dwell at night, whistling in the dark.

So, watch this space. I am gobbling it up right now. Shall tell you what I found when I finish. So far it's the story of a likely lad who, because the circumstances were right, and he had nothing better to do, stepped into politics and became who he became. Fascinating.