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I think, I write, I am a poet, I am a photographer, I am opinionated, I am political - and not always in this order. I read in five languages and sometimes dig up some interesting stuff.

El sueño del celta - Mario Vargas Llosa I am not impressed by our Nobel Price winner. It's of course a capable book but not about something we didn't know. The Congo has been THE example of the most brutal exploitation in Africa. So that's history. The 'Celta' himself is not explored enough as a person. Roger Casement himself has a lot of mileage and, to my mind, Mario Vargas Llosa has only scratched the surface. I don't know how he reads in the translation, but he has a tendency to use stilted and somewhat convoluted language in Spanish. The book can't make up its mind whether its a historic novel or a biography.