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I think, I write, I am a poet, I am a photographer, I am opinionated, I am political - and not always in this order. I read in five languages and sometimes dig up some interesting stuff.

For the Win - Cory Doctorow Picked up the book in London and it's absolutely fascinating. Doctorow writes up a storm - as he tends to do - and this book is an absolute eye opener if you weren't sure what 'derivatives' are. He explains today's economy brilliantly while entertaining you and keeping you on tenterhooks. It's totally relevant to our lives today and, apart from being scary, gives hope as far as the (immediate) future is concerned. The watchword is simply: don't allow yourselves to be divided or the baddies have a field day.

I think Max Keiser (The Keiser Report on RT) anticipated the world described in For the Win when he founded the 'Hollywood Stock Exchange'. From Wikipaedia: Keiser is the creator, co-founder and former CEO of HSX Holdings/Hollywood Stock Exchange, later sold to Cantor Fitzgerald.[5] Alongside Michael R. Burns, he co-created the Hollywood Stock Exchange, [6] which allows traders to exchange virtual securities, such as "MovieStocks" and "StarBonds", with convertible virtual currency, the "Hollywood Dollar."