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Homebodies - S. Jane Sloat Don’t let the title Homebodies deceive you. Sarah J. Sloat’s new chapbook is anything but [a homebody]. Her poems are whimsical, funny and surreal. One of my favorites (not the favorite, to leave this quite clear, one of my favorites) is Etiquette which combines all these attributes and even throws in a pinch of something akin to chili pepper. Melancholy is to be found as well as the sheer enjoyment of words.

I delighted in this collection and have declared all 25 poems my favorites. This chapbook will find a place among my poetry books where I can always find it again, especially since it’s beautifully bound with a green ribbon winking at the back.

Can’t resist to quote the shortest one:

found in the knife drawer
with its face
punched in